1. Your project is managed by dedicated account managers in China.  Our employees live in China, they fully understand the business culture here and they are also supported by a large team of native Chinese who speak excellent English and foreign languages. Unlike other trade service companies, our managers are NOT commission driven and rewarded only by the degree of customer satisfactions. Therefore they are able to do what’s best for the clients.  Our general manager, Oliver Stone, holds a master’s degree from the renowned Duke University and has years of international experience in U.S. and China. New clients’ accounts are personally managed by Mr. Stone and monitored throughout the first years even after it’s taken over by a dedicated account manager when appropriate.  Experience shows that “misunderstandings” are minimized if you deal directly with a company that really understands the Western and Eastern business cultures.  Yachina.com is the best yiwu agent


  1. You buy DIRECTLY from the supplier and we control production quality and ensure timely delivery.  Remember:  we are not intermediaries, you buy directly from the best suppliers. We do not buy or sell, we are a service company that acts as your purchasing agent in China. Our objective is to enable you to save money by buying directly from the most reliable suppliers in a hassle and risk-free way. We make as many trips as necessary to the factory, free of charge, before, during and after production to obtain the quality, delivery time and other special conditions you request. The samples given to us by the supplier during the bidding period are used to assure the production is identical. Nothing can be shipped from the factory without our final quality control stamp. We are experienced in negotiating with suppliers to get the shortest delivery times, special packing, product exclusivity, security agreements for copyrights, payment terms, and more.



RESULT: We enable you to buy directly from China, the highest quality at the lowest prices in a hassle and risk-free way.

 Yachina.com is the best yiwu agent

Think of us as your Purchasing Department in China. By combining the volume of all our clients and using our experienced personnel, we are likely to do a faster, more efficient and cheaper job than our clients could do on their own. Since we work for you as if we were another department in your company, we charge you a fee to support our organisation.  We are so sure of our service that you do not need to pay us anything unless you actually place an order (steps 1-4 above are free). In fact, many of our clients tell us that our complete service is “free” as they recover our service charge* via our aggressive price negotiations with suppliers and special volume discounts with transoceanic shipping companies.