Buyer Be aware! Recently some individuals and companies have stolen content from our website and posted on other blogs and websites, while leaving their own contact info. This has mislead some buyers into believing these people are working for Yachina as well. The below listed contacts are the only official contact info of our company. We do NOT have an ICQ number for customer service or inquiries, and we do not have any other Instant Messenger IDs than those already listed below. We reserve the right to take further legal action against suspected fraudulent individuals and companies. If you spot any suspicious companies claiming to work for Yachina, please report to our U.S. or China office, whose respective official contact info is listed below. To those who copy our content without even giving us credit, We sincerely hope you can copy the same quality service that we deliver, so your clients don’t come back and complain to us!!

We will try our best to respond back to you within 24 hours.

Contact YaChina, the No.1 Agent in Yiwu




+86 400-001-9498 


34 Int’l Trade City, Yiwu, China, 322000