Kindly  note that surgical mask is different from medical mask. Surgical mask is class II under FDA regulation and requires more blood/liquid splash resistance. 

They may look the same but they are NOT. Don’t let sellers trick you. Check their FDA certificate AND testing report. FDA does not conduct testing and only relies on factory self-reporting. It’s important you have an agent  on the ground in China to make sure you are getting what you are buying. 


Medical Mask not Surgical Mask FDA Certified

MOQ: 100K

Price: $0.25/pc

N95 respirator N95 Mask i s recommended for high risk medical staff. 

Unlike N95 masks that can fit tightly to your face, if donned properly,  Medical masks protect you only from droplets but do NOT protect you from aerosols.  

Download Test report 合格YJ202004990E

Disposable Medical Masks  

New supplier added 03/25, price updated 03/27. This factory has a little better price @$0.23/pc This is a promising sign that the China’s production is driving the supply/demand into equilibrium, but it will take a while before prices fall back to under $0.1 before the crisis.