Unlike most other international marketplaces, YaChina marketplace does not charge buyers or sellers any fees. 

Direct transactions between buyer and seller are always free, cutting down the cost of do-nothing middleman platform. 

For buyers who wish to have the peace of mind, they can also choose to use our escrow service for a mere fee of 1%.  Fund is only released to the seller when the buyer receives the shipment and confirms within 48 hours of delivery. 

Unlike most other platforms who make money by charging sellers hundreds and thousands of dollars simply by listing their products,  and extorting sellers by forcing them to bid among themselves for higher ranking, we do not charge sellers any fees at all. These cost savings are all passed on to buyers. 

Some platforms claim to “vet” factories by listing them as “verified sellers”. But in reality, no factory vetting or audit is ever done by the platform. Everything is only on paper, leaving loopholes everywhere, and buyers with false sense of security. 

YaChina vets factories physically and provides detailed risk assessment report to buyers upon request. Such service is only charged at an affordable one-time nominal  fee and is free for the seller, so we can remain objective without compromising our judgement. 

If you are still buying from do-nothing platforms at premium prices, you should consider switching to YaChina marketplace today.

Store Policy

All international sales are final. While YaChina does vet listed vendors, buyers are advised to exercise the same caution before sending payment directly to vendors.  YaChina is not responsible for any direct transactions between buyer and seller.  

You can also choose to have the peace of mind by using our escrow service. We charge buyers only 1% for escrow. 

Direct transactions between buyer and seller are always free for both buyers and sellers.

Shipping Policy 

Buyers are encouraged to use their own shipping agent or courier account. 

YaChina can act as your shipping agent or you can ask the vendor to ship directly to you. 

All shipping costs are quoted by the vendor and it is a good practice to double confirm shipping options, delivery time and cost with the vendor.

Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy

Order placed within 12 hours can be cancelled without restocking fees. 

No cancellation is allowed once the product is shipped.

Due to the nature of international order, no return or exchange is allowed unless there is serious quality defect with the product.  YaChina will assist buyers to get partial or full refund from sellers in such rare cases, but refund is not guaranteed and ultimately an agreement between buyer and seller. It is extremely important that buyers thoroughly vet vendors before ordering. 

YaChina offers extreme factory vetting and auditing service and only charges buyer a one-time nominal fee of $2000 plus travel expense at cost.  It makes sense if buyers intend to place orders of high dollar value and/or repeat orders in the future. A detailed audit report with objective risk assessment will be provided to help buyers make informed decisions. We can also help vet factories not on our vendor list for the same nominal fee. We do not charge sellers any fees for auditing so we can remain objective and act faithfully in buyers best interests.  Contact us for factory vetting service.

For smaller orders, you can use our escrow service and we charge buyers 1% only. There’s no fee for sellers. 

Direct transactions between buyers and sellers are free for both. You need to work with seller on payment and shipping.  You pay sellers directly and YaChina is not involved in the transaction process.